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 Far Infrared Therapy Apparel for Weight Loss 

Detoxification Makes Weight Loss Sense

For many, the greatest news in the development of far infrared technology is its application to the evolving science of detoxification.

This is especially true now that research continues to reveal toxicity buildup in the body is the most prevalent reason for widespread degeneration of human health.

Prolotex™ Far Infrared Garments emit safe Far Infrared Rays. Just by wearing the tops and bottoms, you will be assisting your body to flush out harmful toxins and reduce you weight.



What’s Detoxification got to do with Weight Loss?

That’s a good question, and one that cellular research indicates as having a direct link between nasty toxins accumulating in our bodies and the slowing of metabolic rates. Along with the retention of fats, fluids and waste byproducts.

In a nutshell, the cells of your body need to take in fresh nutrients and oxygen and flush out toxins and natural waste byproducts in order for you to remain healthy.

As your body’s cells becomes overburdened with the buildup of toxins, they basically become plugged up!

Image to demonstrate how Far Infrared Rays can
dislodge and break apart stagnant molecules that have
been "stuck" together. Once broken apart the body
will be able to flush out the stored toxins and the stored fats surrounding them.


Do you know that your cells can literally drown in their own toxicity? 

Eventually, cellular functioning can slow to the point of becoming dormant. New research suggests that cellulite is generated by trapped toxins scarring the cells.


What Causes Cellulite?

The primary cause of cellulite is female hormones and estrogens, which make the blood vessels more vulnerable to liquids.

These liquids accumulate among the connective cells, causing a reduction in blood perfusion and slower local lipidic metabolism. 

Guess what? Toxins accumulate as a result causing trauma of the connective tissue.

Furthermore the adipocytes (fat cells) are altered because they are receiving insufficient oxygen to burn the fat. 

Resulting in the adipocytes continuously retaining the intake of fat, growing ever larger in volume, and generating unsightly scar lesions. Hello cellulite!

To target those lumpy, irregular fatty deposits that are found under the skin around the hips, buttocks and thigh areas. You need to start wearing Prolotex’s pants, as often as possible. 

For best results you should wear Prolotex™ material against your skin. The garments are not bulky and they have a nice feel. They can be worn under normal wear and are also great to sleep in or lounge around in.

Image to show Cellulite dimpling

Swelling of the fat cells
on the skin becomes
unpleasantly visible
(orange peel affect)
because a Women's
fat chambers are
vertically arranged


Prolotex™ Therapeutic Long Sleeve Shirt for Women

Code: PRO-SH02
Model: "Easy Fit"  Long Sleeve Shirt
Neck Type: V-Neck
Size Type: Regular
Sleeve Type: Raglan Sleeve
Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve
5 Sizes in stock: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge
Color: Black, White, Scarlett

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The East Fit Bio-Ceramic
Long Sleeve Shirt is available in Black or White

Need a Short Sleeve Shirt? - Click Here


Far Infrared Energy Ignites Bodily Functions
Far infrared light rays can aid in weight loss by speeding up metabolic processes of vital organs and endocrine glands resulting in a substantial caloric loss.

It also increases heart rate and blood circulation, both crucial to maintaining one’s health. The heart rate increases as more blood flow is diverted from the inner organs towards the extremities of the skin without heightening blood pressure.

Go To:

Ladies Far Infrared Clothing

Scarlet Shield T-Shirt

Easy Fit T-Shirt

Easy Fit Long Sleeve Shirt

Easy Fit Long Bottoms


  Men's Far Infrared Clothing

Scarlet Shield T-Shirt

Casual Fit T-Shirt

Casual Fit Long Sleeve Shirt

Casual Fit Long Bottoms



Prolotex™ Tops & Bottoms For Women


Ladies Easy Fit FIR Short Sleeve
T-Shirt White

Ladies  Easy Fit FIR Short Sleeve
T-Shirt Black

Ladies Easy Fit FIR
Long Sleeve
T-Shirt White

Ladies  Easy Fit FIR Long Sleeve
T-Shirt Black

Ladies  Easy Fit FIR Long Pants


Prolotex™ Tops & Bottoms For Men


Black or White


Long Sleeve Shirt


The Men's CASUAL Fit
Long Pants in Black

 Prolotex™ Unique Therapeutic
Long Pants for Men

Code: PRO-P51
Model: Men's "CASUAL FIT" Long Bottoms
Waist Band Smooth & Flat elastic waist with internal Drawstring
Size Type: Regular
6 Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL
Color: Black



Prolotex™ - the safer & more affordable alternative to weight loss pills



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