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Foot Fractures

What is a Foot Fracture?

    A "Foot Fracture" is a break of one of the bones in your feet.

    Some fractures are small hairline breaks in the bone caused by repetitive stresses.

    Other fractures are more traumatic and usually caused by an accident, like dropping something very heavy on your foot.

    Excluding the bones of the toes, there are 12 bones in the foot that are susceptible to fractures.

    Most hairline stress fractures in the foot will have some pain, anywhere between a dull ache to a noticeable knife-like jabbing pain.

    In less severe cases, the stress fracture may go undiagnosed for just general foot pain.

    When one or more of the bones in your foot are broken from a more severe accident, you will not be able to put weight on the foot.

    An X-Ray may be needed to determine a foot bone fracture.

    You may have to compare one foot against the other to really tell a difference.


    Treating a Fractured Foot:

    Take the weight off the foot. Use ice in the initial stages to reduce inflammation. (A bag of peas works great, as it will form around the foot more easily than a bag of ice cubes).

    We advise a checkup with your doctor for his/her professional advice, first. Depending on the type of fracture, they may cast or tape your foot to help immobilize the bones. Your physician may also prescribe some pain killers to take the edge off.

    Healing bones take time, so plan to take some rest, if you can. If you are in a cast, you may have to get around on crutches for several weeks.

    To speed up the healing of the foot bone fracture, we recommend Prolotex™ Far Infrared Therapy Socks. If you have just had your cast removed, the infrared socks will help to promote circulation to the foot again.

    FIR socks help to:

    • reduce foot pain
    • increase joint flexibility
    • increase circulation
    • promote faster bone healing
    • reduce swelling and inflammation
    • reduce the long term complication of arthritis in your feet


     Customer Comments 

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    Prolotex™ FIR Socks help heal fractured bone in foot?

    That's Right! Prolotex™ FIR socks help heal broken bones faster! The threads in Prolotex™ products are impregnated with a safe formula of bio-ceramics that emit beneficial far infrared rays (FIR).

    These waves of soothing energy penetrate deep into the tissues of your body and basically increase (stimulate) the molecular activity of the cells. Increased circulation helps to speed up the healing - naturally!

    The stimulation of the tiny capillaries and veins in your feet dilate the cells and allow fresh oxygenated blood containing vital nutrients to reach afflicted areas.

    Swelling is reduced, accumulated toxins are released, bacterial infections are retarded, and bones will mend faster.

    Far Infrared Rays are very helpful in reducing inflammation and relieving your pain. Depending on the severity of the fractured bone, and how long you have been experiencing symptoms, it may take a bit longer to feel the benefits of natural FIR therapy.