Raynaud's Feet

What is Raynaud's Syndrome?

    Raynauds Syndrome "... is a spastic vascular disorder causing discoloration of the fingers, hands, toes and feet. The phenomenon is recognized by toes suddenly going very cold and showing a discoloration pattern of white, blue and red."

    Raynaud’s is certainly one of the most peculiar of medical conditions afflicting millions of people worldwide.

    Raynaud's Syndrome affects 5 to 10 percent of the general population in the United States.

    The disease is a very common ailment affecting all ages, but most often women. The Framingham Study found that 5.8% of men and 9.6% of women suffered from Raynaud's Syndrome.

    Raynaud's Syndrome is distinguished by spasms of the blood vessels in the hands known as “vasospasm”. Vasospasms are sharp persistent contractions of the “arterioles” restricting blood flow to the extremities, like your toes.

    Raynaud's Phenomenon can also afflict some people’s hands, ears, nose and tongue.

    They are classically described as being accompanied by color change of the skin (white, blue, and then red).

    Although the exact cause of Raynaud’s Phenomenon is not yet understood, medical researchers believe it mostly has to do with our body's reaction or overreaction to cold temperatures.


     Customer Comments 

    Thank you for making such a product. I got my Raynauds Disease when I was 23 years old. I'm 66 now. I bought 3 pairs of your socks before I moved back to N.Y.S. They are wonderful! They keep my feet warm. I've hoped for something like this product for years. My husband was sure they'd have a cure before our retirement. He passed away in 2009. They haven't found a cure but at least I found your socks. Thanks again!

    Karen D.




    Treating Raynaud's in your Feet:

    Getting to the underlying cause has been difficult, as medical professionals and researches struggle to define what triggers a Raynaud's attack.

    Basically, the idea is to help reduce and prevent the painful sessions.

    Now with the aid of Far Infrared Energy emitted from Bio Ceramic Socks you can help to reduce your suffering. In a medical study of ceramic impregnated gloves, there was significant improvements documented, showing increased temperature levels, strength and dexterity.  It follows then, that the same technology in our Far Infrared Socks would show similar results.

    We recommend  Far infrared Therapy Socks  to promote circulation and rejuvenate dormant cells and tissues in your toes and feet.



    Why Do FIR products help Raynaud's?

    The threads in Prolotex™ products are impregnated with a safe formula of bio-ceramics that emit beneficial far infrared rays (FIR). These waves of soothing energy penetrate deep into the tissues of your body and basically increase (stimulate) the molecular activity of the cells.


     Customer Comments 

    Having recently purchased, on separate occasions, two pairs of gloves and two pairs of socks my Mother now wishes us to purchase a second pair of socks for her. Suffering from severe Reynauds Disease she has found your product most helpful.

    Recently she had had to be admitted to hospital with her fingers worryingly blackened. The hospital staff were extremely anxious about this, the worse episode she has ever had. Therefore, after research by ourselves found your gloves, she has been keen to try ghem. They have provided dramatic relief. She now wants a second pair of socks.

    My query to you is that I have been careless of the $5 dollar voucher which you enclosed in the last package. Would you be prepared to ship another pair of socks to my mothers address again and honour the last voucher you sent as you have the previous two. I will await an answer before I put in my application for the second pair of socks.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Elaine W.


    The stimulation of the tiny capillaries and veins in your body dilate the cells and allow fresh oxygenated blood containing vital nutrients to reach afflicted areas. Swelling is reduced, accumulated toxins are released, and the healing process is promoted.

    Far Infrared Rays are very helpful in reducing inflammation and relieving your pain. Depending on the severity of your condition and how long you have been experiencing symptoms, it may take a bit longer to feel the benefits of natural FIR therapy.


     Customer Comments 

    To the makers of Prolotex FIR Gloves and Socks.

    While ordering gloves in the best interest of my mother, diagnosed with Raynauds, and having already 2 fingers removed, I decided to order gloves and socks for myself. My hands instantly turn white and numb upon temperatures below 60 degrees if not protected from the elements. My feet barely stay warm in insulated boots with wool socks.

    I wore the socks and gloves to bed for the first week before putting them to use during the day.

    I can now wear dress shoes to the office without having frozen feet with the Prolotex socks. I am extremely impressed with their ability to keep my feet warm.

    Last weekend I attended a football game, less than 40 degrees outside, only having my hands covered with the gloves, and stayed perfectly warm. Of course, I wore the socks too and never felt a chill.

    I don't know how you did it, but these socks and gloves are incredible. I am truly amazed that my hands and feet stay warm. One must be pro-active and wear them BEFORE your hands start to get cold.

    They are very well worth the $40 I spent for each product. I only wish I could afford a few more pairs of socks so I wouldn't have to wash them daily.

    Thank you.

    Pat A. Idaho