Fast Acting  FIR PATCH for Pain Relief

Arthritic Toes

Pain in Your Big Toe

Do you have big toe joint pain?

This can indicate you have arthritis in your feet.

Arthritis in toe joints begins gradually and as the cartilage continues to break down over time, bone starts to rub against bone.

This accelerates the degeneration of the joint and becomes excruciatingly painful, even crippling. One or more toes may be affected but it usually starts with the big toe joint. Arthritis in the big toe joint is also know as hallux rigidus .

Eventually bone spurs develop affecting the flexibility and functioning of the joint. You can even have pieces of bone free floating around in the joint. This will further erode the cartilage resulting in stiffness. pain and inflammation.

There are non-surgical options to reduce soreness and discomfort. Everything from shoe modifications to cortisone injections to anti-inflammatory drugs and creams.

And yes, there are many surgical options depending on the severity of deterioration. Doctors can now offer surgery to repair, immobilize and replace the joint with an artificial one.


Treating Arthritic Toes

If you already think or know you have arthritis in your toes then try a pair of far infrared therapy socks.

The socks are NOT a cure or an “overnight wonder”.  FIR therapy socks offer gentle soothing energy help to relieve pain, swelling and improve circulation. Increased circulation speeds up the healing process.

The more you wear them the better the results. They are safe, effective and affordable.

Think about the benefits of wearing Far Infrared Therapy Socks.

Pain can really wear you down. If you can get a better sleep every night with less pain and aching in your feet. That can really make a difference in the quality of your life.

Not one specific treatment is going to make all the difference. You need to take advantage of different treatment options and look for the right combination for you.

We suggest that your shoes are comfortable and roomy. This will help ease any inflamed pressure points that can irritate your arthritic toe joints.

Prolotex™ Far Infrared Therapy Socks are soft and comfortable with a smooth non-abrasive flat seam at the toe.

Many of our customers have mentioned the socks really made a difference in dealing with the pain of arthritis.

All you have to do is wear them!


How Infrared Socks Help You?

Specialty socks are fused with a safe formula of bio-ceramics that emit beneficial far infrared rays (FIR).

These waves of soothing energy penetrate deep into the tissues of your toes and basically increase (stimulate) the molecular activity of the cells.

The stimulation of the tiny capillaries and veins in your body dilate the cells and allow fresh oxygenated blood containing vital nutrients to reach afflicted areas.

Pain is eased, swelling and inflammation is greatly reduced, and the cellular healing process is promoted.

Far Infrared Rays are very helpful in reducing inflammation and relieving your pain. Depending on the severity of your condition and how long you have been experiencing symptoms, it may take a bit longer to feel the benefits of natural FIR therapy.

For some, rheumatoid arthritic toes can be equally painful with more swelling and can affect people of all ages.
Other ailments like bunions, mallet toes, hammer toes, and claw toes, often develop, as a secondary result of arthritis, particularly Rheumatoid Arthritis.