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Far Infrared Clothing

FIR Clothing | Does it Work | Boost Immune System | Promote Circulation | For Weight Loss | Reduce Cellulite


Far Infrared Clothing for men & women

Far Infrared Clothing

The health benefits of Far Infrared Clothing are rapidly becoming recognized as the new "must have" in  affordable, alternative therapies.

Numerous studies on the health benefits of far infrared rays have gained the attention of alternative therapy practitioners, natural healers and non-prescription pain relief enthusiasts.  

Far Infrared apparel is the "new black"  for pain relieving, therapeutic garments that are fashionable, functional and affordable.


Far Infrared (FIR) Therapy Shirts and Pants help to reduce muscle soreness & inflammation,  relieve arthritis joint pain, provide a boost for your immune system, and ease your suffering.

Far Infrared apparel is stylish enough to wear anytime

Far Infrared apparel is stylish enough to wear anytime. While working, resting and even during your athletic and yoga workouts.

Far infrared clothing offers amazing therapeutic benefits. It helps improve circulation, relieve pain, swelling and boosts your immune system. The garments even make you look GOOD while wearing them.

These sporty bio-ceramic capris are made with the a very unique layered combination of thin bio-ceramic embedded neoprene, nylon & polyester fabrics.

Wear these far infrared therapeutic capris for promoting circulation, flushing toxins, reducing water retention, and smoothing the skin.

Bio-ceramic embedded neoprene increases perspiration (sweat), helping to flush toxins out through the skin. Capris may also be beneficial in your weight loss regime.

Lining contains an anti-microbial additive to reduce bacteria build up.
Sporty Bio-Ceramic Neoprene Capris emit FIR.

We Recommend Wearing FIR

We recommend wearing far infrared clothing on a regular basis to help ease muscle pains & cramps, aid in rejuvenating the cells and tissues and compliment your weight loss program.

Yes, that's right. FIR energy has been shown to help break up stored, sticky fat molecules and help flush them out of the body.

Far infrared shirts, innovative fitness apparel and mineral infused shorts are excellent for arthritis pain relief in your neck and shoulders. Long bottoms are perfect for hip and leg muscle cramps and leg pains.

Since far infrared therapy help to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling, FIR apparel is also an excellent choice for soothing the pain of fibromyalgia.

15 Benefits of Far Infrared Clothing: 

    1.         Relieving arthritis joint pain
    2.         Reducing swelling and puffy joints
    3.         Soothing shoulder pain
    4.         Relieving hip joint pain
    5.         Easing muscle strain
    6.         Promoting circulation
    7.         Improving joint and muscle flexibility
    8.         Flushing out toxic waste from the cells, organs and joints
    9.         Neck and shoulder Injury prevention
    10.         Treating fibromyalgia pain
    11.         Reducing back pain
    12.         Treating restless leg syndrome
    13.         Relieving stomach cramps
    14.         Treating lyme disease
    15.         Help with your weight loss


      Sleep in FIR Clothing

      Many customers have asked if we have a fir shirt to wear at night. Well good news! Yes we do. The far infrared therapy tops and bottoms are excellent for helping you get a restful relaxing sleep.