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Athlete's Foot

What is Athlete's Foot?

    Athlete's Foot is a skin infection on your feet. Infections to the epidermis is caused by a fungus or parasitic mold.

    Fungus is found in high traffic areas like showers, community bath stalls and locker rooms.

    This parasitic fungus is contagious and is easily transmitted from person to person, so take extra precautions to keep your feet clean and avoid sharing shoes and towels with someone who has it.

    Once the fungus makes contact with the surface, it will quickly make progress into the living tissues and then cause the infections.

    Toes will feel itchy, you will see some redness, and the skin will start to flake.

    If infections set in, there will be more swelling and inflammation. Foot odor (smelly feet) will be increased.

    Tinea Pedis is another name for the itchy condition and affects up to 15% of the population.

    Your toes are most often affected, but it can spread to your whole foot if not treated.



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    Treating Athlete's Foot:

    In most cases, practicing good hygiene and  keeping your feet clean and dry, will help prevent the disease.

    Maybe invest in a new pair of athletic running shoes, if you think your sports shoes may be contaminated.

    Far infrared rays emitted from the bio-ceramics in Infrared Therapy Socks help to reduce bacteria, odors and fungal infections.

    Many other people - especially golfers, have commented that their feet do not get as sweaty, when they wear Prolotex socks, compared to cotton or other man-made fiber socks.

    "One of the easiest Athlete's Foot treatments you will find and all you have to do is wear them!"


    Far Infrared Socks help retard bacteria!

    Yes. Far Infrared Rays emitted from Prolotex™ Bio Ceramic Socks help to retard - slow down - the development of bacteria and fungal parasites.

    Prolotex™ specialty socks are fused with a safe formula of bio-ceramics that emit beneficial far infrared rays (FIR).

    These safe waves of FIR energy help to stop the growth of bacteria, reduce perspiration, and keep your feet healthier.

    Far Infrared Rays are very helpful in reducing odors and foot infections associated with Athlete's Foot disease.

    Depending on the severity of your condition and how long you have been experiencing symptoms, it may take a bit longer to feel the benefits of natural FIR therapy.